2 Nashe Lyrics - Kirat Gill, X Deol & Anshvi Bansal

2 Nashe is a vibrant Punjabi track voiced, composed, and penned by Kirat Gill. The song exudes youthful energy and explores themes of celebration and freedom. The music video features engaging performances by X Deol and Anshvi Bansal, who bring the song's lyrics to life through their expressive acting.

Kirat Gill's dynamic vocals infuse life into the track's catchy melody, creating an infectious rhythm that captivates listeners. With its upbeat tune, relatable lyrics, and lively presentation, 2 Nashe resonates with the essence of carefree enjoyment and serves as a joyful anthem for the spirited generation.

2 Nashe Lyrics

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2 Nashe Song Details

Song Title: 2 Nashe

Singer: Kirat Gill

Music: Kirat Gill

Lyrics: Kirat Gill

Star Cast: X Deol & Anshvi Bansal

Music Label: Gringo Entertainments