Aaja Baija Tu Lyrics - Arijit Singh, Salim & Sulaiman

Aaja Baija Tu is a vibrant Hindi track that showcases the versatile talent of Arijit Singh, set to the lively composition of Salim-Sulaiman and penned by Shraddha Pandit. This song is a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, creating an infectious rhythm that makes you want to dance. Arijit Singh's mellifluous voice adds depth and emotion to the lyrics. The song's catchy beats and energetic orchestration make it a perfect addition to any celebration or dance floor.

It exudes a sense of joy and togetherness, making it a favorite for gatherings and parties. Aaja Baija Tu is a testament to the power of music to uplift spirits and get people grooving to its infectious melody.

Aaja Baija Tu Lyrics

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Aaja Baija Tu Song Details

Song Title: Aaja Baija Tu

Singer: Arijit Singh

Music: Salim Sulaiman

Lyrics: Shraddha Pandit

Music Label: Merchant Records