Aakhir Lyrics - Vishal Mishra & Kaushal Kishore

Aakhir is a heartfelt song featuring the soulful vocals of Vishal Mishra, who also composed the music. Kaushal Kishore penned the poignant lyrics. This emotionally charged track captures the essence of love's complexity and depth. Featured in the music video is beautifully enacted by Shantanu Maheshwari and Diksha Singh, capturing the emotional nuances of a complex relationship. Vishal Mishra's evocative singing and musical arrangement strike a deep chord, creating an atmosphere of raw emotions.

Aakhir is a testament to the power of music in conveying the intricate nuances of love and relationships, making it a standout piece in contemporary Bollywood music that resonates with listeners through its heartfelt storytelling and melodic composition.

Aakhir Lyrics

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Aakhir Song Details

Song Title: Aakhir

Singer: Vishal Mishra

Music: Vishal Mishra

Lyrics: Kaushal Kishore

Star Cast: Shantanu Maheshwari & Diksha Singh

Music Label: VYRL Originals