Aao Na Lyrics - Seerat Kapoor, Azeem Shirazi & Ishaan Khan

Aao Na is a captivating Hindi track featuring the enchanting voices of Seerat Kapoor and Ishaan Khan. The music composed by Ishaan Khan creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, complemented by heartfelt lyrics penned by Azeem Shirazi. The song finds its cinematic beauty in the captivating chemistry between Aman Preet Singh and Seerat Kapoor, whose performances breathe into the lyrics.

This song is a passionate expression of love, with its evocative lyrics and soulful melody resonating with audiences, making it a memorable addition to the film's soundtrack. Aao Na is a testament to the power of music in conveying deep emotions and enhancing storytelling in Hindi music.

Aao Na Lyrics

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Aao Na Song Details

Song Title: Aao Na

Singer: Seerat Kapoor & Ishaan Khan

Music: Ishaan Khan

Lyrics: Azeem Shirazi

Star Cast: Aman Preet Singh & Seerat Kapoor

Music Label: JJUST MUSIC