Aap Hi Se Tha Lyrics - Rik Basu, Shabab & Anu Malik

Aap Hi Se Tha is a melodious Hindi song sung by Rik Basu and Shabab Sabri, with music composed by the renowned Anu Malik and heartfelt lyrics penned by Anu Malik and Saaveri Verma. This soulful track captures the essence of love and longing with its enchanting melody and heartfelt vocals. The song lyrics beautifully convey the emotions of someone who has found their true love, celebrating the profound connection and the happiness it brings.

Anu Malik's composition adds depth to the song, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create a timeless tune that resonates with listeners. Aap Hi Se Tha is a heartfelt tribute to the power of love, beautifully expressed through music and lyrics.

Aap Hi Se Tha Lyrics

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Aap Hi Se Tha Song Details

Song Title: Aap Hi Se Tha

Singer: Rik Basu & Shabab Sabri

Music: Anu Malik

Lyrics: Anu Malik & Saaveri Verma

Music Label: Zee Music Company