Aayat Jaisa Hai Lyrics - Shahid Mallya, Shalini Mamgain & Ayush

Aayat Jaisa Hai Lyrics is a beautiful Hindi song, sung by Shahid Mallya and Shalini Mamgain. The song is composed by Rj Hindvi and written by Ayush Soni. The music video of the song features actors Dushyant Kukreja and Shalini Mamgain. The lyrics describe the beauty and elegance of the beloved, comparing her to a divine "Aayat," or verse from the holy book.

Aayat Jaisa Hai Lyrics

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Aayat Jaisa Hai Song Details

Song Title: Aayat Jaisa Hai

Singer: Shahid Mallya & Shalini Mamgain

Music: Rj Hindvi

Lyrics: Ayush Soni

Star Cast: Dushyant Kukreja & Shalini Mamgain

Music Label: Elegant Eye Music