Ae Zindagi Lyrics - Dilbar & Vickky Agarwal

Ae Zindagi is a heartfelt song featuring Dilbar's emotive vocals set to Vickky Agarwal's soul-stirring music and lyrics written by Dilbar. The song, beautifully interpreted on screen by Jatin Suri and Kinnari Dama, delivers a message of hope, resilience, and the celebration of love. Jatin Suri and Kinnari Dama's on-screen chemistry enhances the song's emotional impact, making Ae Zindagi a must-listen for those seeking a moving and motivational musical expression of complexities.

Dilbar's passionate singing captures the essence of the lyrics, drawing listeners into the emotional journey. The song's musical arrangement complements the lyrical themes, making it a touching and inspiring experience.

Ae Zindagi Lyrics

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Ae Zindagi Song Details

Song Title: Ae Zindagi

Singer: Dilbar

Music: Vickky Agarwal

Lyrics: Dilbar

Star Cast: Jatin Suri & Kinnari Dama

Music Label: Rising Indie Music