Bata De Zara Lyrics - Udit Saxena & Chhavi Pradhan

Bata De Zara is a heartfelt Hindi song that captures the essence of love and anticipation. The mesmerizing voices of Udit Saxena and Chhavi Pradhan blend seamlessly with Udit Saxena's captivating music and lyrics. Featured in the music video, it showcases the enchanting chemistry between Kashish Thakur and Kashish Ratnani on screen, adding depth to the lyrics' romantic essence. The song beautifully conveys the emotions of longing and curiosity.

The song's captivating vocals and on-screen performances create a memorable musical experience that resonates with listeners and viewers, making Bata De Zara a heartfelt and soul-stirring addition to Hindi music and cinema.

Bata De Zara Lyrics

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Bata De Zara Song Details

Song Title: Bata De Zara

Singer: Udit Saxena & Chhavi Pradhan

Music: Udit Saxena

Lyrics: Udit Saxena

Star Cast: Kashish Thakur & Kashish Ratnani

Music Label: Top Shot Life