Bewafa Behayaa Lyrics - Umesh Punj, Shivi Sareen & Krishna

Bewafa Behayaa is a poignant pop song that delves into themes of betrayal and heartbreak. With soulful vocals by Umesh Punj and music composed by Shivi Sareen, the song's lyrics by Krishna Kant add depth to the emotional narrative. The track showcases the talented duo Joohi Pal and Arjun Manhas, who convey the anguish and turmoil of a broken relationship through their compelling on-screen performances.

The music video, likely featuring evocative visuals, complements the song's lyrical intensity, making Bewafa Behayaa a powerful and relatable musical experience for those who have experienced the pain of unfaithfulness and the complexities of love gone astray.

Bewafa Behayaa Lyrics

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Bewafa Behayaa Song Details

Song Title: Bewafa Behayaa

Singer: Umesh Punj

Music: Shivi Sareen

Lyrics: Krishna Kant

Star Cast: Joohi Pal & Arjun Manhas

Music Label: Panorama Music