Chale Aao Lyrics - Duran Maibam, Parikshit Sharma & Nishadh

Chale Aao is a poignant Hindi song sung by Duran Maibam, composed by Parikshit Sharma and Nishadh Chandra, and penned by Priya Saraiya. The song, featured in the music video, showcases the emotional essence of longing and reunion. Its soulful tunes and heartfelt lyrics narrate the yearning for togetherness. The on-screen chemistry between actors Abhishek Verma and Jasmine Kaur complements the song's essence, portraying a narrative of love, separation, and the desire for a joyous union.

The music weaves a beautiful tapestry, evoking emotions of hope and affection, making Chale Aao a compelling and touching musical experience for the listeners.

Chale Aao Lyrics

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Chale Aao Song Details

Song Title: Chale Aao

Singer: Duran Maibam

Music: Parikshit Sharma & Nishadh Chandra

Lyrics: Priya Saraiya

Star Cast: Abhishek Verma & Jasmine Kaur

Music Label: Venus Entertainment