Chokri Lyrics - Piyush Ambhore & Shreya Kalra

Chokri is a vibrant and youthful Hindi song featuring the soulful vocals of Piyush Ambhore. Piyush Ambhore not only lends his voice but also takes charge of composition and lyrics, showcasing his multi-talented artistry. Features in the music video capture the youthful spirit and romance between Rishabh Jaiswal and Shreya Kalra's characters with a catchy and energetic melody. Their on-screen presence complements the song's lyrics, which likely delve into themes of youthful romance, making it relatable to the audience.

The song embodies a playful and energetic spirit, making it a catchy and foot-tapping number. Overall, Chokri is a testament to the creative prowess of Piyush Ambhore, offering an enjoyable musical experience paired with engaging visuals and performances.

Chokri Lyrics

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Chokri Song Details

Song Title: Chokri

Singer: Piyush Ambhore

Music: Piyush Ambhore

Lyrics: Piyush Ambhore

Star Cast: Rishabh Jaiswal & Shreya Kalra

Music Label: Ab Bansal Music