Dassde Lyrics - Jai Dhir, Cawin & Ritika

Dassde is a soulful musical masterpiece that embodies the raw emotions of love and longing. Sung by the talented Jai Dhir and composed by him, the song's heartfelt lyrics, penned by Cawin, delve into the depths of unrequited love and the pain it brings. The music video, featuring Jai Dhir and Ritika Rai, beautifully captures the essence of the lyrics, portraying the bittersweet journey of two souls intertwined by love yet separated by circumstances.

Jai Dhir's poignant rendition with a soothing melody amplifies the song's emotional impact. Dassde resonates as a heartfelt expression of emotions and showcases the artistic prowess of the creators in evoking powerful sentiments through music and visuals.

Dassde Lyrics

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Dassde Song Details

Song Title: Dassde

Singer: Jai Dhir

Music: Jai Dhir

Lyrics: Cawin

Star Cast: Jai Dhir & Ritika Rai

Music Label: Koinage Records