Dil Me Basey Jo Tere Ram Lyrics (Mandali) - Sukhwinder, Rahul & Sandeep

Dil Me Basey Jo Tere Ram is a soulful song from the movie Mandali, featuring the enchanting vocals of Sukhwinder Singh. Composed by Rahul Mishra and penned by Sandeep Nath, this song evokes deep emotions and spirituality. It beautifully conveys the profound connection between the characters portrayed by Abhishek Duhan and Aanchal Munjal in the film.

The melody, with its harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, resonates with the themes of love, devotion, and the journey of self-discovery. Sukhwinder Singh's powerful voice adds a captivating dimension to the song, making it a memorable and heart-touching musical piece within the movie's narrative.

Dil Me Basey Jo Tere Ram Lyrics

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Dil Me Basey Jo Tere Ram Song Details

Album: Mandali

Song Title: Dil Me Basey Jo Tere Ram

Singer: Sukhwinder Singh

Music: Rahul Mishra

Lyrics: Sandeep Nath

Star Cast: Abhishek Duhan & Aanchal Munjal

Music Label: Zee Music Company