Dil Mera Lyrics - Karaj Randhawa & Deep Manak

Dil Mera is a soulful Hindi song that beautifully merges Karaj Randhawa's soulful vocals with Sync's mesmerizing composition. The lyrics, penned by Deep Manak, add depth to the emotional narrative of the song. The music video, starring Karaj Randhawa and Geet Gorya, visually captures the essence of the song narrative, enhancing the overall experience.

Karaj Randhawa's expressive singing beautifully complements the poignant lyrics, creating a resonating connection with the audience. It captures the essence of love's complexities and showcases the synergy between vocals, music, and visuals in conveying a poignant story.

Dil Mera Lyrics

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Dil Mera Song Details

Song Title: Dil Mera

Singer: Karaj Randhawa

Music: Sync

Lyrics: Deep Manak

Star Cast: Karaj Randhawa & Geet Gorya

Music Label: T-Series