Dil Toh Leke Jaa Lyrics - Anubhav Dutta & Srishti Bhandari

Dil Toh Leke Jaa is a heartfelt Hindi song by the enchanting voices of Anubhav Dutta and Srishti Bhandari. This melodious track is composed by the talented duo Aakash Rijia and Anubhav Dutta, with heartfelt lyrics written by Nilesh Bhattacharya. The song finds its cinematic expression in the captivating performances of Suhayl Khan and Bijaya Poornima, who infuse it with passion and emotion.

With its soul-stirring melody, the song encapsulates the essence of love from the depths of the heart to the realm of dreams. Dil Toh Leke Jaa is a musical masterpiece that resonates with listeners, making it a memorable addition to Hindi music.

Dil Toh Leke Jaa Lyrics

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Dil Toh Leke Jaa Song Details

Song Title: Dil Toh Leke Jaa

Singer: Anubhav Dutta & Srishti Bhandari

Music: Aakash Rijia & Anubhav Dutta

Lyrics: Nilesh Bhattacharya

Star Cast: Suhayl Khan & Bijaya Poornima

Music Label: JJUST MUSIC