Duniya Ke Dar Se Lyrics - Pratibha Singh Baghel & Prachi Desai

Duniya Ke Dar Se is a heartfelt Hindi ghazal passionately sung by Pratibha Singh Baghel. Composed by Rajesh Singh and penned by Ajay Sahaab, this song captures the essence of longing and hope. The music video is beautifully portrayed on-screen by Som Chattopadhyay and Prachi Desai, who convey a heartfelt narrative. Their performances enhance the song's essence, making it a memorable part of the track.

Pratibha Singh Baghel's evocative vocals, with Rajesh Singh's soulful composition, make Duniya Ke Dar Se a memorable and emotional musical experience that resonates with audiences.

Duniya Ke Dar Se Lyrics

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Duniya Ke Dar Se Song Details

Song Title: Duniya Ke Dar Se

Singer: Pratibha Singh Baghel

Music: Rajesh Singh

Lyrics: Ajay Sahaab

Star Cast: Som Chattopadhyay & Prachi Desai

Music Label: SUFISCORE