Dupatta Lyrics - Lucas, Prince & Geet Goraaya

Dupatta is an enchanting Punjabi track by Lucas featuring the talented Geet Goraaya. The song's composition, done by Varun and Lucas, blends modern beats with folk influences, creating a unique musical experience. Prince Bhullar's heartfelt lyrics add depth to the song, narrating a love story that resonates with many. Lucas and Geet Goraaya's chemistry in the music video elevates the song's emotional essence, bringing the lyrics through their expressive acting.

With a catchy melody, it's a fusion of contemporary and traditional Punjabi sounds. Dupatta is a delightful fusion of modern music production and traditional Punjabi melodies, making it a captivating addition to the contemporary Punjabi music scene, resonating with audiences who appreciate the essence of love in music.

Dupatta Lyrics - Lucas, Prince & Geet Goraaya

Dupatta Lyrics

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Dupatta Lyrics Details

Song Title: Dupatta

Singer: Lucas

Music: Varun & Lucas

Lyrics: Prince Bhullar

Star Cast: Lucas & Geet Goraaya

Music Label: Geet MP3

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