Ek Dum Ek Dum Lyrics (Tiger Nageswara Rao) - Shahid Mallaya, Prakash & Prashant

Ek Dum Ek Dum is a lively and energetic song from the album Tiger Nageswara Rao, featuring the dynamic vocals of Shahid Mallya. Composed by the talented Prakash Kumar and penned by Prashant Ingole, the song is a pulsating fusion of Bollywood and contemporary music. Ek Dum Ek Dum beautifully complements the charismatic performances of Ravi Teja and Nupoor Sanon, adding a vibrant layer to their on-screen chemistry.

Its pulsating beats, catchy melodies, and compelling lyrics make Ek Dum Ek Dum an unforgettable musical experience, leaving listeners captivated and energized by its sheer intensity. It's a track that'll get you pumped up and ready for action.

Ek Dum Ek Dum Lyrics

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Ek Dum Ek Dum Song Details

Album: Tiger Nageswara Rao

Song Title: Ek Dum Ek Dum

Singer: Shahid Mallaya

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

Lyrics: Prashant Ingole

Star Cast: Ravi Teja & Nupoor Sanon

Music Label: Saregama Music