Ek Hi Dil Lyrics - Shiprra Goyal & Kunaal Vermaa

Ek Hi Dil is a soulful Hindi song sung by Shiprra Goyal, with music composed by Kunaal Vermaa and Shiprra Goyal and lyrics penned by Kunaal Vermaa. This song beautifully captures the essence of love, resonating with heartfelt emotions and a sweet blend of music and vocals. Shiprra Goyal's emotive rendition, combined with the evocative lyrics and musical arrangement, creates a touching and memorable listening experience.

Ek Hi Dil is a perfect choice for those seeking a romantic track that stirs the heart and conveys the depth of affection and longing in a relationship. It's a testament to the creative synergy between the talented artists behind its creation.

Ek Hi Dil Lyrics

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Ek Hi Dil Song Details

Song Title: Ek Hi Dil

Singer: Shiprra Goyal

Music: Kunaal Vermaa & Shiprra Goyal

Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa

Music Label: Meritune