Ghule Lyrics - Sona Mohapatra, Abby & Ricky Kej

Ghule is a captivating song, harmoniously sung by Sona Mohapatra and Abby V, with music composed and written by Ricky Kej. This composition transcends genres, blending traditional and contemporary elements seamlessly. The lyrics, crafted by Ricky Kej, evoke deep emotions and contemplation. The song's video features Abby V. and Sona Mohapatra, who convey a powerful narrative through their performances.

With its unique fusion of music and compelling storytelling, Ghule stands as a testament to the prowess of its talented creators, offering an immersive and meaningful musical experience that resonates with the heart and mind alike.

Ghule Lyrics

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Ghule Song Details

Song Title: Ghule

Singer: Sona Mohapatra & Abby V

Music: Ricky Kej

Lyrics: Ricky Kej

Star Cast: Abby V & Sona Mohapatra

Music Label: SufiScore