Hans Ke Milna Lyrics - Nishtha Sharma, Azeem Shirazi & Amjad

Hans Ke Milna is a heartwarming Bollywood song, beautifully sung by Nishtha Sharma and composed by the talented Amjad Nadeem Aamir, with lyrics penned by Azeem Shirazi. This musical track encapsulates the essence of love and togetherness, making it a soul-stirring musical experience. Nishtha Sharma's soulful vocals lend depth and emotion to the lyrics, making it a touching and heartwarming experience for listeners.

The composition's soothing melody and evocative lyrics create a sense of nostalgia. Hans Ke Milna is a captivating musical journey that resonates with listeners, evoking a sense of love and happiness.

Hans Ke Milna Lyrics

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Hans Ke Milna Song Details

Song Title: Hans Ke Milna

Singer: Nishtha Sharma

Music: Amjad Nadeem Aamir

Lyrics: Azeem Shirazi

Music Label: Zee Music Company