Haule Haule Lyrics - Shahid Mallya & Shambhavi Thakur

Haule Haule is a romantic Hindi song that showcases the enchanting voices of Shahid Mallya and Shambhavi Thakur, accompanied by the captivating music composition of Chandan Saxena and heartfelt lyrics by Dharmendra Maurya. This soulful track is on screen by the talented actors Laksy and Tanya Dhaila. The song exudes a sense of serene romance and delicate emotions, taking listeners on a journey of love and tenderness.

With its bland tunes and evocative lyrics, Haule Haule adds depth and charm to the narrative, making it an essential part of the soundtrack. This song is a testament to the beauty of love and the power of music in storytelling.

Haule Haule Lyrics

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Haule Haule Song Details

Song Title: Haule Haule

Singer: Shahid Mallya & Shambhavi Thakur

Music: Chandan Saxena

Lyrics: Dharmendra Maurya

Star Cast: Laksy & Tanya Dhaila

Music Label: Panorama Music