Hawa Ke Jaisa Guzar Gaya Wo Lyrics - Pratibha Singh, Rajesh & Ajay

Hawa Ke Jaisa Guzar Gaya Wo is a mesmerizing ghazal featuring the enchanting vocals of Pratibha Singh Baghel, composed by Rajesh Singh and penned by Ajay Sahaab. This song showcases the delicate emotions of love and nostalgia. In the accompanying music video, Prachi Desai and Som Chattopadhyay deliver compelling performances, portraying a poignant love story that transcends time and distance.

Its hauntingly beautiful melody harmoniously intertwines with the heartfelt lyrics, evoking a sense of love and longing, making it a memorable addition to the Indian ghazal repertoire. Pratibha Singh Baghel's evocative rendition adds a soulful touch to this song, making it a timeless melody that resonates with listeners.

Hawa Ke Jaisa Guzar Gaya Wo Lyrics

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Hawa Ke Jaisa Guzar Gaya Wo Song Details

Song Title: Hawa Ke Jaisa Guzar Gaya Wo

Singer: Pratibha Singh Baghel

Music: Rajesh Singh

Lyrics: Ajay Sahaab

Star Cast: Prachi Desai & Som Chattopadhyay

Music Label: SUFISCORE