Ikk Number Lyrics - Gurnam Bhullar & Jasmeen Akhtar

Ikk Number is a Punjabi song filled with energy and catchy beats, featuring the dynamic vocal duo of Gurnam Bhullar and Jasmeen Akhtar. The music, composed by Desi Crew, adds a vibrant and foot-tapping element to the track. Vicky Dhaliwal's lyrics infuse the song with a spirited narrative. Gurnam Bhullar and Shrutie's on-screen chemistry adds to the song's charm.

Ikk Number is a celebration of love and romance, encapsulated in a lively Punjabi music video that showcases the vibrant culture and love story. This song's catchy tune, combined with its captivating visuals, makes it a must-listen for those who enjoy Punjabi music and its inherent zest.

Ikk Number Lyrics

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Ikk Number Song Details

Song Title: Ikk Number

Singer: Gurnam Bhullar & Jasmeen Akhtar

Music: Desi Crew

Lyrics: Vicky Dhaliwal

Star Cast: Gurnam Bhullar & Shrutie

Music Label: Diamond Star