Intezaar Karne Do Lyrics - Amarjeet Jaikar, Payal Dev & Kunaal

Intezaar Karne Do Lyrics is a soulful Hindi song sung by Amarjeet Jaikar, composed by Payal Dev, and written by Kunaal Vermaa. The song revolves around the theme of love and the longing that comes with it. Amarjeet Jaikar's powerful and soulful voice adds a new dimension to the song, and Payal Dev's music perfectly complements the lyrics.

Intezaar Karne Do Lyrics

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Intezaar Karne Do Song Details

Song Title: Intezaar Karne Do

Singer: Amarjeet Jaikar

Music: Payal Dev

Lyrics: Kunaal Vermaa

Star Cast: Amarjeet Jaikar & Payal Dev

Music Label: Apni Dhun