Izazat Lyrics - Gurnam Bhullar & Roopi Gill

Izazat is a Punjabi romantic song, with Gurnam Bhullar wearing multiple hats - as the singer, composer, and lyricist. The song showcases his versatile talent. The music is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, creating a captivating melody. Gurnam Bhullar's heartfelt rendition is complemented by his on-screen chemistry with Roopi Gill, adding depth to the song's emotional appeal.

The lyrics evoke a sense of longing and love, making it a favorite among Punjabi music enthusiasts. Izazat is a testament to Gurnam Bhullar's all-around artistic abilities, and it resonates with those who appreciate soulful Punjabi music and storytelling in the form of music videos.

Izazat Lyrics

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Izazat Song Details

Song Title: Izazat

Singer: Gurnam Bhullar

Music: Gurnam Bhullar

Lyrics: Gurnam Bhullar

Star Cast: Gurnam Bhullar & Roopi Gill

Music Label: Diamond Star Worldwide