Jaanam Lyrics (Do Ajnabee) - Yasser Desai & Deepak Gupta

Jaanam is a soulful and melodious song from the movie Do Ajnabee. Sung by the talented Yasser Desai, the song features heartfelt lyrics and composition by Deepak Gupta. The song beautifully captures the essence of love and longing. Its emotional depth to the on-screen chemistry of Ankit Bathla and Anu Mitra, who convey the story's emotions with their compelling performances.

Yasser Desai's vocals and Deepak Gupta's composition create a musical masterpiece that resonates with listeners, leaving a lasting impression. Jaanam is a poignant and memorable musical piece that touches the heart, making it a standout track in the film.

Jaanam Lyrics

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Jaanam Song Details

Album: Do Ajnabee

Song Title: Jaanam

Singer: Yasser Desai

Music: Deepak Gupta

Lyrics: Deepak Gupta

Star Cast: Ankit Bathla & Anu Mitra

Music Label: Red Ribbon Musik