Jawai Tera Lyrics - Sony Maan, Mani & Amrinder Mohali

Jawai Tera is a Punjabi song that captures the essence of rural Punjab with its folk-infused beats and heartfelt lyrics. Sung by Sony Maan and featuring the musical composition of Mani Bhawanigarh, this track celebrates the spirit of love and the deep-rooted culture of Punjab. Amrinder Mohali's lyrics convey emotions of affection and commitment, painting a vivid picture of love's journey. The music video stars Karan Mehra and Sony Maan, adding a visual dimension to the song's narrative.

The song showcases the story of a couple deeply in love, beautifully reflecting the rustic charm of Punjab and the strength of their relationship. Jawai Tera is a delightful musical journey that resonates with Punjabi culture and romance.

Jawai Tera Lyrics

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Jawai Tera Song Details

Song Title: Jawai Tera

Singer: Sony Maan

Music: Mani Bhawanigarh

Lyrics: Amrinder Mohali

Star Cast: Karan Mehra & Sony Maan

Music Label: Gem Tunes Punjabi