Kaahe Mora Lyrics - Pratiksha Vashishtha & Neha Karode

Kaahe Mora is a captivating Hindi song that showcases the multifaceted talent of Pratiksha Vashishtha, who not only lends her mesmerizing voice but also acts in its music video. Composed and penned by Neha Karode, the song weaves a tale of introspection and self-discovery. Pratiksha Vashishtha's emotive singing brings out the depth of the lyrics, which explore themes of longing and inner conflict. The music, composed by Neha Karode, provides a hauntingly beautiful backdrop to the heartfelt lyrics.

Pratiksha Vashishtha's performance in the video adds a visual dimension to the song, making it a compelling artistic expression. Kaahe Mora is a testament to the synergy of music and storytelling in Hindi music and cinema.

Kaahe Mora Lyrics

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Kaahe Mora Song Details

Song Title: Kaahe Mora

Singer: Pratiksha Vashishtha

Music: Neha Karode

Lyrics: Neha Karode

Star Cast: Pratiksha Vashishtha

Music Label: Merchant Records