Kahaniyaan Lyrics - Zyra Nargolwala & Himanshu Kohli

Kahaniyaan is a soulful Hindi song featuring Zyra Nargolwala's enchanting vocals. Composed and penned by Himanshu Kohli, this song weaves emotional tales of love and longing, creating a mesmerizing melody. The lyrics beautifully depict the journey of love, evoking deep emotions and nostalgia. Himanshu Kohli's composition complements the lyrical storytelling, adding depth to the song's sentiment. Zyra Nargolwala's emotive rendition enhances the song's impact, making Kahaniyaan a heart-touching musical experience that resonates with anyone who has experienced the complexities of love and relationships.

The song's harmonious blend of lyrics, melody, and vocals captures the essence of storytelling through music, making it a poignant addition to contemporary Hindi music.

Kahaniyaan Lyrics - Zyra Nargolwala & Himanshu Kohli

Kahaniyaan Lyrics

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Kahaniyaan Lyrics Details

Song Title: Kahaniyaan

Singer: Zyra Nargolwala

Music: Himanshu Kohli

Lyrics: Himanshu Kohli

Music Label: Zee Music Company

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