Kaju Katli Lyrics - Simandeep Singh

Kaju Katli is a melodious Punjabi track by Simandeep Singh, who not only lent his soulful voice but also composed and wrote the song. Simandeep Singh and Tarn Kaur's performances in the music video bring the lyrics to life, weaving a tale of love and nostalgia.

The song's sweet poetry and captivating composition create a mesmerizing blend of emotions. The song's resonant melody and poignant storytelling create an emotional connection, making Kaju Katli an impressive musical experience.

Kaju Katli Lyrics

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Kaju Katli Song Details

Song Title: Kaju Katli

Singer: Simandeep singh

Music: Simandeep singh

Lyrics: Simandeep singh

Star Cast: Simandeep singh & Tarn Kaur

Music Label: T-Series Apna Punjab