Kharaab Lyrics - Arjuna Harjai & Jyotica Tangri

Kharaab is an electrifying song that combines the captivating voices of Jyotica Tangri and Arjuna Harjai. Arjuna Harjai also composed the music, adding a fresh and energetic feel to the track. The lyrics, penned by Jyotica Tangri, express a passionate and tumultuous love story, making it relatable to many. The song's video stars Arjuna Harjai and Jyotica Tangri, adding depth to its emotional narrative.

Jyotica and Arjuna's soulful voices harmonize seamlessly, evoking a sense of vulnerability and passion in their characters. Kharaab is a heartfelt musical journey that captures the essence of love's trials and tribulations, making it a memorable addition to the Hindi music landscape.

Kharaab Lyrics - Arjuna Harjai & Jyotica Tangri

Kharaab Lyrics

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Kharaab Lyrics Details

Song Title: Kharaab

Singer: Jyotica Tangri & Arjuna Harjai

Music: Arjuna Harjai

Lyrics: Jyotica Tangri

Star Cast: Arjuna Harjai & Jyotica Tangri

Source: Jyotica Tangri

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