Morya Re Bappa Lyrics - Rashmi Panikar & Udit Saxena

Morya Re Bappa is a heartwarming devotional song sung by Rashmi Panikar and Udit Saxena, composed and written by the talented Udit Saxena. This track is a soul-stirring tribute to Lord Ganesha, capturing the essence of the grand Hindu festival, Ganesh Chaturthi. The song's vibrant and rhythmic composition, combined with Rashmi Panikar and Udit Saxena's heartfelt vocals, creates an uplifting atmosphere filled with devotion and joy.

Udit Saxena's lyrical prowess shines through in the verses, celebrating the arrival of Lord Ganesha and invoking a sense of unity, spirituality, and celebration among listeners. Morya Re Bappa has the power to evoke deep spiritual feelings and serves as a perfect accompaniment to the festive fervor surrounding Lord Ganesha's worship.

Morya Re Bappa Lyrics

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Morya Re Bappa Song Details

Song Title: Morya Re Bappa

Singer: Rashmi Panikar & Udit Saxena

Music: Udit Saxena

Lyrics: Udit Saxena

Music Label: TopShotLife