O Maa Lyrics - Kinjal Dave & Salim Sulaiman

O Maa is a heartfelt song sung by the talented Kinjal Dave. Composed by the renowned duo Salim-Sulaiman, this track is an emotional journey that pays tribute to the special bond between a mother and child. Kinjal Dave's soulful rendition captures the essence of the lyrics, which filled the love and devotion towards mothers. Her emotional performance on screen adds depth to the song's sentiment, making it a touching and relatable piece of art.

O Maa resonates with listeners, evoking appreciation for the maternal love and sacrifices that shape our lives. The music and vocals blend seamlessly, creating a poignant melody that strikes a chord with audiences of all ages.

O Maa Lyrics - Kinjal Dave & Salim Sulaiman

O Maa Lyrics

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O Maa Lyrics Details

Song Title: O Maa

Singer: Kinjal Dave

Music: Salim Sulaiman

Lyrics: Traditional

Star Cast: Kinjal Dave

Music Label: Merchant Records

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