O Peera Lyrics - Kamal Khan & The Ruff

O Peera is a soul-stirring Punjabi song sung with emotive depth by Kamal Khan. Composed and written by The Ruff, weaves a poignant narrative of love and longing. Kamal Khan's melodious voice adds a touch of raw emotion to the lyrics, making it a heartfelt experience for listeners. The music video features the talented duo of Ajay Sarkaria and Kashish Rai, who bring the song's storyline with their compelling performances.

O Peera resonates with its heartfelt lyrics, soothing melodies, and powerful performances, making it a memorable addition to Punjabi music, invoking deep emotions and leaving a lasting impression.

O Peera Lyrics

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O Peera Song Details

Song Title: O Peera

Singer: Kamal Khan

Music: The Ruff

Lyrics: The Ruff

Star Cast: Ajay Sarkaria & Kashish Rai

Music Label: Zee Music Company