Rooh Jaga Doon Lyrics - Arijit Singh & Shloke Lal

Rooh Jaga Doon is a melodious song that showcases the mesmerizing vocals of Arijit Singh. Composed by Arijit Singh and penned by Shloke Lal, this song is a heartfelt plea for rekindling lost love. The composition seamlessly blends contemporary elements with a touch of classical music, creating a musical experience that tugs at the heartstrings. Arijit Singh's emotive rendition brings the deep emotions and longing embedded in the lyrics.

Rooh Jaga Doon is a testament to Arijit Singh's versatility as a singer and Arijit Singh and Shloke Lal's prowess in crafting poignant melodies that resonate with listeners, making it a must-listen for music enthusiasts.

Rooh Jaga Doon Lyrics

Rooh Jaga Doon Tujhe
Subha Dikha Doon
Phir Tere Ghao Sehelake
Aa Main Sula Doon

Aansoon Ko Aankhon
Main Jo Tu Chupaye
Tujhko Aagosh Me Main
Leke Hum Suna Doon

Yun Mile Toh Bhi Aagar
Aaye Na Jo Nazar Tu
Tu Bhi Jaaye

Gham Ke Sare Pagalon
Karta Safar Tera
Tu Bhi Jaaye

Jakhmo Pe Main Tere
Marham Laga Doon

Huyi Hai Palkein
Jo Bhari Teri
Main Bhula Doon

Rooh Jaga Doon
Ya Phir Subha Dikha Doon
Bahon Main Bharke
Ya Phir Wahi Dhoon
Gunguna Doon

Mahise Na Jab Tere
Dil Main Ho Aandhera
Main Aa Jaaunga

Dhoondte Tere Liye
Chand Is Lehra Main Le Aaunga

Yun Hi Ghabrao Na Jaao Na
Jo Bikharne Lage Tera Aa Jaaunga

Aao Sawar Doon Main
Tera Aashiyan Hoo

Ghabrao Na Jaao Na
Aandheron Main Kahin
Kho Jaao Na Aandheron Se

Roshni Ki Orr Tumko Hai Lejana
Oh Ghabrao Na Jaao Na
Aandheron Se

Tujhko Aagosh Main Le Leke
Gunguna Doon Dhun Suna Doon

Ghabrao Na Ghabrao Na
Jaao Na Jaao Na
Ghabrao Na Ghabrao Na
Jaao Na Jaao Na

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Rooh Jaga Doon Song Details

Song Title: Rooh Jaga Doon

Singer: Arijit Singh

Music: Arijit Singh

Lyrics: Shloke Lal

Music Label: Saregama India