Saathiya Lyrics - Kumar Sanu, Javed Mohsin & Rashmi Virag

Saathiya is a soul-stirring Hindi song that touches the heart with its emotional depth. Sung by the legendary Kumar Sanu, composed by the talented duo Javed-Mohsin, and penned by the lyricist Rashmi Virag, the song is a melodic blend of love and longing. It features heartfelt lyrics that express the pain of separation and the yearning for a loss of love. Kumar Sanu's soulful rendition brings intense emotions, making it a timeless classic.

The music is a beautiful fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, creating a hauntingly beautiful melody that lingers in the soul. Saathiya is a musical gem that captures the essence of love and heartbreak in its purest form.

Saathiya Lyrics

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Saathiya Song Details

Song Title: Saathiya

Singer: Kumar Sanu

Music: Javed Mohsin

Lyrics: Rashmi Virag

Music Label: Indie Music Label