Saawan Ki Baarish Lyrics - Priyanshi Srivastava & Ritik Chouhan

Saawan Ki Baarish is a captivating Hindi song that brings the magic of monsoon romance. Sung by Priyanshi Srivastava and Ritik Chouhan, it perfectly captures the essence of love and the beauty of rain-soaked moments. Sanj V's enchanting composition and lyrics, also penned by Sanj V, add depth and emotion to the track. The song is beautifully portrayed by Ritik Chouhan and Khushi Dubey, evoking feelings of passion and nostalgia through their on-screen chemistry.

Saawan Ki Baarish is a musical journey that immerses listeners in the charm of the rainy season, celebrating love in all its glory. It's a melodic and visual treat that resonates with the heartstrings of every romantic at heart.

Saawan Ki Baarish Lyrics

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Saawan Ki Baarish Song Details

Song Title: Saawan Ki Baarish

Singer: Priyanshi Srivastava & Ritik Chouhan

Music: Sanj V

Lyrics: Sanj V

Star Cast: Ritik Chouhan & Khushi Dubey

Music Label: HeartBeatz Music Company