Shri Krishna Govind Lyrics - Nandni Sharma & Aditya Kalway

Shri Krishna Govind is a soul-stirring devotional song sung by Nandni Sharma, set to music composed by Aditya Kalway, with lyrics attributed to the Traditional source. The song beautifully encapsulates the divine essence of Lord Krishna, a revered figure in Hindu mythology. Nandni Sharma's emotive rendition captures the devotion and adoration that surround Lord Krishna, while Aditya Kalway's composition weaves a mesmerizing melody that resonates with listeners' hearts.

The lyrics, credited to the Traditional source, evoke a sense of spiritual connection and devotion to Lord Krishna, making the song a powerful and enchanting expression of faith in Hindu culture.

Shri Krishna Govind Lyrics

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Shri Krishna Govind Song Details

Song Title: Shri Krishna Govind

Singer: Nandni Sharma

Music: Aditya Kalway

Lyrics: Traditional

Music Label: Merchant Records