Superstar Lyrics - Rupali Jagga, Parth Gohil & Manish

Superstar Lyrics is a lively and energetic track sung by Rupali Jagga and Parth Gohil, with the featured cast by Ravi Bhatia and Aarti Bhavsar. The song was composed by Manish Bhanushali and written by Parth Gohil. The lyrics of Superstar tell the story of a confident and ambitious individual who dreams of becoming a superstar.

Superstar Lyrics

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Superstar Song Details

Song Title: Superstar

Singer: Rupali Jagga & Parth Gohil

Music: Manish Bhanushali

Lyrics: Parth Gohil

Star Cast: Ravi Bhatia & Aarti Bhavsar

Music Label: Panorama Music