Tanhaayion Mein Ashk Lyrics - Pratibha Singh & Rajesh Singh

Tanhaayion Mein Ashk is a heart-wrenching melody from the album Lafz Bheege Hain. Sung with soulful emotion by Pratibha Singh Baghel, the song captures the essence of loneliness and tears. Rajesh Singh's haunting composition complements the poignant lyrics by Ajay Sahaab. The song is a bitter journey of love and longing, beautifully acted out by Prachi Desai and Som Chattopadhyay, who bring the characters' emotions.

Tanhaayion Mein Ashk is a musical masterpiece that strikes a chord in the listener's heart, making it an unforgettable and soul-stirring part of the music video's soundtrack, leaving a lasting impression of love and loss.

Tanhaayion Mein Ashk Lyrics

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Tanhaayion Mein Ashk Song Details

Album: Lafz Bheege Hain

Song Title: Tanhaayion Mein Ashk

Singer: Pratibha Singh Baghel

Music: Rajesh Singh

Lyrics: Ajay Sahaab

Star Cast: Prachi Desai & Som Chattopadhyay

Music Label: SUFISCORE