Thoda Thoda Baarish Lyrics - Abhi Dutt & J.J. Vyck

Thoda Thoda Baarish is a romantic Hindi song that tugs at the heartstrings. Abhi Dutt's soulful rendition, set to the captivating composition of J.J. Vyck, delivers a delightful listening experience. The lyrics, also penned by J.J. Vyck, evoke feelings of love and longing. This song finds its place in the hearts of listeners as it beautifully complements the on-screen chemistry between Divyansh Rana and Akriti Agarwal. Their emotional performances add depth to the song's narrative, making it a memorable cinematic and musical experience.

Thoda Thoda Baarish encapsulates the essence of love, rain, and romance, making it a beloved addition to Hindi music, resonating with audiences who appreciate heartfelt melodies and touching lyrics.

Thoda Thoda Baarish Lyrics

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Thoda Thoda Baarish Song Details

Song Title: Thoda Thoda Baarish

Singer: Abhi Dutt

Music: J.J. Vyck

Lyrics: J.J. Vyck

Star Cast: Divyansh Rana & Akriti Agarwal

Music Label: BLive Music