Zindagi Jeene De Na Lyrics - Raj Barman, Harish Sagane & Shakeel Azmi

Zindagi Jeene De Na is a soulful Hindi song that captivates listeners with its emotional depth. Sung by Raj Barman, the song's melodic rendition adds a touch of vulnerability to its lyrics. Composed by Harish Sagane, the music evokes a sense of introspection, seamlessly complementing the theme of embracing life's challenges. Raj Barman's emotive vocals bring out the heartfelt lyrics penned by Shakeel Azmi, which reflect the desire to live life to the fullest without any hindrance.

Through its heartfelt composition, Zindagi Jeene De Na invites listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation, making it a poignant addition to contemporary Indian music.

Zindagi Jeene De Na Lyrics

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Zindagi Jeene De Na Song Details

Song Title: Zindagi Jeene De Na

Singer: Raj Barman

Music: Harish Sagane

Lyrics: Shakeel Azmi

Music Label: Raj Barman