Zulfaan De Jaal Lyrics - Oye Kunaal & Farmaan

Zulfaan De Jaal is a vibrant Punjabi track featuring Oye Kunaal's lively vocals, his own composition, and Farmaan's lyrics. The music video features the talented actors Ajay Sarkaria and Kashish Rai, who convey a compelling love story through their performances. This song's energy is infectious, blending contemporary and traditional musical elements to create an irresistible dance tune. The song celebrates the magnetic allure of long, flowing hair, celebrating beauty and confidence.

With a catchy beat and captivating visuals, Zulfaan De Jaal is a testament to the fusion of modern Punjabi music and storytelling that engages audiences with its upbeat rhythm and charming narrative.

Zulfaan De Jaal Lyrics

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Zulfaan De Jaal Song Details

Song Title: Zulfaan De Jaal

Singer: Oye Kunaal

Music: Oye Kunaal

Lyrics: Farmaan

Star Cast: Ajay Sarkaria & Kashish Rai

Music Label: Zee Music Company